Remembering Aunt Judy

Remembering Aunt Judy…

A week ago today I got the phone call that I had been dreading. I answered the phone, and my heart dropped. My Mom, voice full of tears, told me that my Aunt Judy was gone. Just seven days after my cousin passed away. Aunt Judy and my cousin Wakeilo have joined the ancestors, our cloud of witnesses. As I write this blog post today, my heart is hurting. Please indulge me today while I talk about one of the most important women in my life, my Aunt Judy. 

She was an amazing, selfless, compassionate, strong, creative, and intelligent woman. Her love and nurturing hands helped to shape me into the woman I am today. She was the chef of our family, so no family gathering was complete without the food she prepared. She was always late, and we were all blessed by her presence when she finally appeared. Whether it was a casual weekend visit or a major event; Aunt Judy was going to be dressed to the nines! When I was a little girl, going to Aunt Judy’s house meant I was going to have fun! I got to play with my cousins, and I knew I was going to eat some amazing food. She held us all together. She made sure we knew the history of our family. 

Aunt Judy Visits

Aunt Judy was also an entrepreneur. She was an owner of many businesses and had a talent for organizing companies. When I told her what I would like to accomplish with Destination WELL she gave me valuable advice and encouraged me along the way. I endeavor to make her proud. 

When she found out I was pregnant with my daughter she was so excited! She made me all my favorite foods to indulge my cravings. I will never forget that summer. I craved Thanksgiving food in July, and she made me turkey and dressing. She was one of the first people to hold Leia. Aunt Judy filled her nursery with beautiful boutique dresses, bows, frilly socks and tights, and so many shoes. I am forever grateful to God that Leia and Aunt Judy formed a bond. Even when she was in unbearable pain, she would always ask about Leia. I will never forget trying to get her ready to go to the hospital while she was feeding my child peppermints. 

Aunt Judy was a giver. She was always reaching out to help those in need. That was just her way. If I really think about it, my Aunt Judy was the first person to really teach me about self-care. She was not a shower person at all-it was all about the bathtub. It did not matter if she was going to be late either. She would take her time and soak in the bathtub. No matter what was going on in her life, she took time out for herself to soak. To refocus. To recharge. To just BE.

Aunt Judy is the inspiration behind Esther’s Beauty Bath. You see, my Aunt had uterine cancer and was in pain most days. I knew she was not a tea drinker, and I wanted to help ease her pain in any way I could. The yoni bath herbal blend I designed helped to ease her pain and pamper her in the way she deserved. Aunt Judy was a queen, and I wanted to make sure she felt my love and appreciation for being such a light in my life. 

Aunt Judy with the Kids

For every woman that experiences Esther’s Beauty Bath, I pray that you feel the love that was put into this blend. I pray that you lean back in the bathtub, close your eyes, and experience the healing this beauty bath brings. Whether you need a physical healing like my Aunt Judy did, a spiritual or emotional healing, it is available to you. Most of all, I pray that you will take time out of your busy schedule to get back to your beautiful and best self. 

Holistically Yours,